Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Princess Ball

I know the Princess Ball was eons ago, but I had to post
the photos because they are a few of my favorites.
Zach accompanied Devynne to the ball because my
brother couldn't take all of his daughters.

Zach had a gold tie to match Devynne's yellow
"Belle" dress. They had a ball (no pun intended)
and danced the night away.

Zach's off to New Jersey

Well it's official, Zach will be leaving the nest soon and flying off to the
MTC and then to New Jersey. He is so excited about his mission call,
and is getting ready to go.

I have to admit that I am happy that he has made the decision to go.
I know that it will be an extraordinary experience for him. It won't
be easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is.

I do think that he will have a bit of an adjustment with the cold
winter weather, but I'm sure he'll do just fine. His father has told
him the secret to tracting in the winter is golf balls. Why you
may wonder? Apparently it saves your knucles in the extreme cold.
Rap on the door with the golf ball, and problem solved.

His farewell talk is on August 9th, and then on to the MTC on the 12th.
So many changes in store, but what and adventure and an opportunity
to serve the people of New Jersey.

Zach & Devynne

Zach & Devynne
The Princess Ball