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Our Family

Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Very Merry Christmas

We were able to speak to Zach on Christmas night, and it was really wonderful. He sounded so happy and really is loving his time in New Jersey. Grandma and Grandpa got to say a few words, as well as his siblings. Mark, Heather and the kids said hello as well. We called Grandma Roque on the cell phone and put it on speaker so he could say a few words to her. We also did the same for Grandma GG (Great Grandma). He was pleased to speak to all.

Last week Zach was able to attend the Manhattan temple, and spend some time in the city. He really enjoyed it. He the noise of the city is deafening, but as he walked through the doors of the temple, the quiet reverence was awesome. He was thankful to have the opportunity to attend the temple so close to Christmas. He also enjoyed the food, and sounds that the city had to offer.
Unfortunately, upon returning to their apartment in Newark, NJ they found that they had been robbed. One Elder on his way home lost his camera, memory card and a scrapbook from his mission. Hopefully the thieves will at least give the memories back.

Zach said that Christmas was spent with a couple of member families, and they were well fed. The first dinner was traditional, with ham, potatoes and fixings. The second, was Puerto Rican food. Mmm, mmm, good. If there is one thing that can be said for Zach, he is a world class eater. I fully expect that at some point there will be a Nathan's hot dog competition in his future.

It is cold and miserable weather, but Zach and his missionary companion are teaching 9 people currently. They are really enjoying the branch, and love the people. Apparently soccer, or futbol is the sport of choice in the neighborhood. So, the elders play on P-Day with the kids and men young and old from the neighborhood. Zach says he's getting pretty good. A member gave he and Elder Clark soccer jerseys for Christmas.

The people the branch are so friendly, and love to help the missionary effort. I have posted a few photos. Some from his visit to the city and the temple, and others of friends from the branch. Zach wanted to relay how thankful he is to be serving, and how blessed he feels to have this time to do so. Christmas is the perfect opportunity for all of us to serve one another and do as the Savior would have us do. Because just as President Monson says, "The true spirit of Christmas is achieved when we drop the last syllable in Christmas, and it becomes the spirit of Christ."

I have posted his remarks about the Christmas spirit in the form of a you tube video at the bottom of the blog.

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Karen said...

I love the Mormon Messages - thanks for sharing.
Glad you guys all got to talk to him.
Hope nothing was stolen from him of value.

Sooo cool that he got to go to the Manhattan temple and that he can share pictures so easily with you.

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